How to get into the warehouse without... [SPOILERS]

Hi, not sure if I allocated my skills in the wrong places at the start but every method I've tried to get into the warehouse has failed!

What I've tried:

  • collected the 3 items to activate the pulley system to get in via the sewer but the handle broke

  • failed in my attempt to persuade the police officer to let me in

  • gave the drunken sailors a bottle of whisky to distract the bootleggers, but failed in attempt to pick the lock round the back

The only way left I can see is to talk to Cat where she offers to go with me, but she says she will ask for a favour afterwards. I don't want to accept this, not knowing what the favour might be! Is there another way?!



It looks like you may be forced to make an alliance you're not keen to make.

Your alternative is to not progress.

This played out very differently for me despite the same characters and events such as the handle breaking on me too.

You've said yourself you don't have "zero" options. Make do with the ones you've got and see where Fate takes you.

There is a particular way to put the pulley system back together, the parts have to go on in the right order.

In Cthulhu it is better to be master of a few skills than an expert in many.

Actually I am just on my second playthrough and used an experimental skill setting, so I am now at the same point as you, having to accept Cat´s help. I did and I really enjoy this second walk through so far 🙂