Chapter 3 Bug - PS4

Hey all,

I'm in Chapter 3, post fire-scene. At the end of an upstairs hallway, there's a certain item that I need to pick up, in order to progress. (Not sure how spoilery I can get) When I'm a good distance from... that item, I can see it clearly, on the ground to the right of a door. When I get too close, it disappears entirely, and there's no "hey check this out" dot where it was.

Any advice?

Not really sure where you are and I've completed the game.

Just warn people that your post contains spoilers and ask the specific question.

There was a single time I got some online help. I found a youtube playthrough and tried to carefully put try and get it as close to the bit I needed withouth exposing too much of alternative paths and not going any further than I needed.

Hey @MiyaniT,

This is the intended behaviour. When you fail a Spot Hidden check, the item will disappear.

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