Worth it to buy on PS4?

I've been following this game for a while and I heard that initially, there were all kinds of bugs and connectivity issues. I want to know with all of the updates, is this a game worth getting now? I see that's it's on sale for $20 and wanted to double and triple check before I made a purchase. I like what the game is about, but of course I would like it running properly too. Thanks!

Are you in it for multiplayer or singleplayer?

I just bought the game on ps4 several days ago and already finish the campaign and playing the special mission, personally i enjoy this game very much. There are lots of class to choose, the mission is randomized, and you can unlock customization and upgrade for your character. I only play single player though, there are lots of replayability in this game.

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@wolkenwand I did end up getting it, and I'm extremely enjoying it. Loving the gameplay!!