Another DLC for mudrunner?


does this mean they are working on another expansion before MR2??

hi did you get an update for MR today?? _rufus

@rufus no but what does that have to do with what i posted?

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@zamal im pretty sure that it is just the base game, but dont quote me on it. Also i did see that today

@riskywisky base game has different appid on steam

@zamal ok but still it can be a dev version of the game

@riskywisky i know multiple people who have the dev version

@zamal i was reading your post, as i opened the game, just kinda blurted it out..
_ I didn't really understand your post. I couldn't find that page? So, i don't know where or what the unknown app shows? Has this come up, before the other dlc's were to be released? _RUFUS
_ps. and my game did reinstall, no idea why. it was labeled as an Update

@rufus the photo is from steamDB (steam database)

If another dlc was to come, would it be a free one like the first few or another paid one?

I like this tread. Lets pump it up!
It really may turn into unplanned dlc, and we will call it "ZAMAL DLC"!)
He will become most legendary community member in history, many games will have "zamal dlc", and devs will not resist - if community want unplanned dlc, you must do it, or your franchise will fail!

@stazco sarcasm is hell of a Drug

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@zamal said in Another DLC for mudrunner?:

@stazco sarcasm is hell of a Drug

next meme.. 👏🏻 👏🏻

Im sarcastic guy, but not this time)
I like to predict future, several steps ahead, in the way i want things to happen)

@stazco nah, u dont want that to happen..

what if its real tho?

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