Hello everyone. Im new.-on console-
Soon to get gaming PC just 4 this

1st ever post for games.- Not new to games-
(Goes to show how much i care)


My intentions is to help the developers get ideas out.
I know about mods and all but in general this game has an unbelievable potential. And it will take us(the fans) to support them

Things i would hope that they could consider;

-Haul diff items point to point with diff wt. Ratings

-truck garage where allows you to upgrade tires/engine performance/rocksliders/ ect....
Make the winch an upgradable option. Game is way too easy as it is.( the winch makes it to where you dont have to think about consequences.)

-a money system (which you earn $$) over successfull deliveries of logs andor other items.. i.e. everytime you deliver w.o. rolling over get bonus; and even more depending on truck used and set up i.e.(2wd/4wd/locked diffs/ No winch) "MAKE IT CHALLENGING".

-SNOW +clearing/(snow maps) w severe weather system making things really hard to travel if not cleared(oportunity to use that skidder!) Or plow for the scouts... i feel like this one is a no brainer easy to do.

  • NOTE THIS IS JUST CONSTRUCTIVE i love the game. You guys are doing a great job. I feel if all or atleast one of these ideas where implemented sales would go through the roof!

Fans should continue to contribute on how to better the game and not bashing it like i constantly see everywhere.....

not into the idea of making this a grind game,just saying.

Another mr2 sug tread...ive proposed to make global tread to get smth from it instead of spamming...but...devs dont visit this forum (and others too, paying attention maybe only to russian Vcontacte, filled with haters and pirates, who got game for free, and there are no any constructive at all) , only one Community manager is busy with other focus games, so..(
As for grind, money - yes, we dont need stuppid childish bonuses for this and that like in acrade games like forza horizon.
But career mode, with money and buying trucks and its upgrades (bad word, i mean some equipment like a additional winches mentioned above), getting money for jobs done - its a must mode (among others, like current one) in mature franchise.

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Honestly I'd rather have a better auto-transmission.

Like, why can't vehicles downshift in this game? Never noticed it before but the American Wilds maps really exposed the transmission flaws.

Take for example a loaded B-131 going down the road on route the lumber mill. This truck don't have the power to climb hills in forth. So lets say you neglect to use 1+ gear and just rely on auto, what happens is the truck will stay in firth until it stalls, it'll come to a full stop on the hill, it'll shift back to 1st, then it'll very slowly climb the hill fishing between 1st and 2nd gear, trying to shift up but not being able to because it's on a hill.

Why can't the truck say, just automatically downshift to 4th for more power wheit's needed climbing a hill? Why do they stay in 5th until they stall?

Apologies for the ignorance. Only later did i realize there are other threads on this.

I agree. It doesnt have to be complex but the game needs to have any kind of progression other than"logs delivered, thanks, thats all" and recieve a star.. lol

Dont get me wrong i do make self challenges. And go trail riding alot. But the only driving force is the love of offroading. And the unique physiscs this game brings.

@justinlynch3 agree with you on this one. There is a way to feather the throttle enough to make it down shift. But hard to do.. and should be a manual option.

I mean i get the fact that their focus is more on P.C. but i feel that minor things like these can be easily fixed. And again Working mirrors is another.. could only hope MR2 could have this one added.

Someone mentioned in a diff thread about 4x4 evo.. although that game was old. It had alot of basic things that if they where to somehow merge it would be an untouchable game... i mean i guess they feel since its already untouchable they can take their time thus bringing in more $$... buisness is buisness.

Thinking about this a bit more, I'd love to have more camera options as well. Currently we have 1st person and 3rd person. Why not a hood view? While I'd never use, for those who would, why not a bumper view? More view options would only make the game better.

Also more involved maps. Why not make garages mean something? Like what if starting off you get a truck loaded with a K-700, after delivering that to your lumber sight you then pick up garage points to unlock your second garage, where you can then pick up your Skidder and deliver that to the lumber sight. Then with your logging setup (trucks with trailers, loader, skidder) you can start your logging. At time Mudrunner almost seems to easy, you only ever need to unlock garages once to get the points, and a lot of times you can pick one vehicle (255 or 775 for example) that has cranes, can carry logs, can basically go anywhere since they are AWD, and you can beat a course with that one truck. Why not give certain vehicles certain roles, and make those roles more important? Have the Skidder for getting wood out of swamps, have the K-700 for loading, have the trucks for hauling, etc.