Major PC mouse issues

I am playing on PC and it seems that randomly if I click the mouse the screen will close and go back to my desktop. It's easy enough to deal with but the problem compounds after Cat grants access to the warehouse and reconstruction mode is "mouse click + mouse click."

You know where that leads... usually the desktop and I am not clear even what reconstruction mode does.

Any ideas ya'll?

Obviously this is a bug.

So what's happening?

The game is crashing and shutting down?

Or the game is simply minimising and is restored with a mouse click?

It's just minimizing. That's why it's not exactly game-breaking but when it throws a wrench into whatever reconstruction mode is, I cannot progress.

Hi @ArtilleryEff,

Did you run another application when playing Call of Cthulhu?

Not that I know of. One that I had not used in over a year tried to open when this phenomena occurred.

I mean, would having chrome open in the background cause that?

@artilleryeff Can you give us the name of the application who tried to open when this issue occured? Thank you!

It was Tableau Public 10.3

@artilleryeff Thank you! I've passed it along to the team. We're investigating.

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