Gene Stealer Aggression Patch

There was talk of releasing a patch to make the A.I. for the Genestealers more aggressive.

Right now if the Terminators are able to set up with Overwatch the Genestealers won't chance advancing resulting in a victory by "Timeout" for the Terminators.

The promised patch should encourage the Genestealers to to pile on the pressure making for more exciting matches.

When is this supposed to come out?

The first (fourth, really) update is live, Brother-Captain. For PC players. Hundreds of changes and fixes were made. You can see some of them here:

Expect patches for Xbox and PS4 to be comprehensive and properly optimized; console players will have to wait just a bit longer.

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Alas, I feel like a Terminator on Overwatch waiting for a Genestealer who's gone all shy.

Hah, yea, we could use a few more shy Genestealers. And some hesitant Reaperfex!

Something about console-patching:

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Yeah, this is an awkward one.

The game, out the box, functions better on console than many bigger budget offerings out there.

Right now the fix will improve on the experience which isn't really broken, even if cautiously hesitating because there's a Space Marine that might be on Overwatch seems a bit of character for bloodthirsty genestealers.

Look at "Soul Calibur VI" where many players still can't play online.

Ooh, I think it's finally here!