This post is relevant to those that are either planning on buying Insurgency: Sandstorm or already own it.

Hey all! I'm Corvus and I'm simply a player that's quite passionate about Insurgency: Sandstorm and wish for it to succeed in my region. Through my "interviewing" of sorts of the oceanic player-base I have surmised that a key reason our regions player-base is so low is that people simply are not queuing for matches as they see the low pop count. The Oceanic discord aims to solve this problem through organising "game times" when the playerbase that are a part of the discord all jump on and have a few games, filling some servers up. On top of this events will be held and a few of us are planning on hosting our own Insurgency Sandstorm game server once we are able. If you would like to be a part of this growing community, feel free to join the discord here:

I'll see you in game riflemen!