Mk 17 should dish out the same damage than an HK G3, L85A2 less

Since the SCAR Mk17 fires the same .308 Win calibre rounds and the barrel is only mere 3 cm shorter than that of an HK G3 the weapons should do the same level of damage. But by my experience the G3 is by far superior. Pls change this.
Even the Enfield L85A2 that fires .223 Rem rounds seems to be more powerfull than the SCAR Mk 17. Do you hate the SCAR? Make it Mk 16 if you intend to dish out less damage... But, no! Just adjust the damage level of the Mk17. THX!

The G3 is basically the best gun in the game for any situation right now. I'd like to see all the other guns buffed to match it.

@riffklaw The SCAR-H has roughly the same power as that of the AKM, and with a 20-round mag it's currently just for meme'ing around and roleplaying as SWAT or something.

Both 5.56 and 7.62 basically have the exact same power at CQB atm. Not sure about downrange.

G3 /w a Long Barrel (as well as the M14 EBR and the FAL) all one-shot Heavy Armor at close range, with the M14 and FAL one-shotting out to 150-175 meters. The SCAR-H, even with a Long Barrel, can't even one-shot an unarmored target.