Hud and Objectives


I enjoy this game on xbox for a few hours now and I wonder if it’s possible to add an option to hide automatically or disable the objectives on screen.

I really think the immersion will be better!

Thanks a lot! Congrats for the job you’ve done! 👍🏻

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Hi there,

This isn't an option available in Call of Cthulhu.

Glad you're liking the game 🙂


Thanks for your answer.
By the way, this is why I’m asking for the option.

After that the objective told you what to do I don’t see the point of letting it on the righ up corner on bright white letters, in a game axed on immersion.

Even in a game like resident evil VII you can disable those kind of features.

Gamers are not supposed to be idiots, you just have to hide the objective and maybe put it on the pause menu...
The immersion will be far better.

Imagine watching a movie with the title of the movie in the right up corner for 2 hours.

Best regards...

@iyagovos I also can't stand that the hud it ruins the environment / art. It also ruins the ability for screen shots. I could be plastering them all over social media aka free marketing. Photo modes are also huge to get people sharing the art on social media. All games should have a dynamic hud or in game on / off button press for hud.

I love the game so far but I am not playing it much in hopes for a quick patch. On / off button press is probably the easiest fix since a dynamic hud wasn't developed at the start.
Please don't bury the on / off option in the menu because sometimes you might need the hud.

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What do the devs think? This should be easy to implement on console most PC games can do it with a key press usually.

I’m thinking about Alien Isolation, or Resident evil 7, just for examples... no hud for a deepest immersion.

And too many tips on screen are definitely awful... feel like an idiot sometimes when the same tips pop everytime you have the same game mechanic!... 🙄

Most games have hud options.

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A feature that hides the HUD is unlikely to come to Call of Cthulhu.

@iyagovos said in Hud and Objectives:

A feature that hides the HUD is unlikely to come to Call of Cthulhu.

So you definitely think that gamers are goldfish... unable to remember every 10 seconds the gameplay mechanics or their ingame objectives... incredible...

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I've asked the team to look into it, but it's not something that is currently being worked on.

I totally understand that bugs and other glitches are a priority... but after that they should definitely consider this, because it’s just an objective display to remove...

And players don’t need to be assisted all the time, Howard Phillips Lovecraft would have agreed to this, he did not like mediocrity 😄

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@iyagovos This is a simple request. I will never support them again. It absolutely kills immersion. The item markers can stay but the on screen objective text needs to go. A simple on / off button should be easy to code. I am sure it exists on PC already.

@iyagovos It would be nice if they joined the discussion. Killing immersion and wrecking the art is kind of a big deal.

I think you can forget the idea of joining the discussion... they retweet every good review, but totally ignore every one else...

They should understand the difference between haters and people who just ask for something clearly in the right direction.

I let it go, it’s the future of video game... assisting people permanently even when you try to tell an immersive story...

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