DRACONUS Mudrunner Overhaul

Hey ... this goes to all spintires and mudrunner fans ... my good friend draconus has on Facebook to a donation asked ... I would like to share it here ... because I him happy if someone would like to help.him too ... as many know he has not only health problems since long ... but fights since long time already to be a good father for his daughter ... what is very difficult and also a lot of force will cost ... anyway spends he tons of time in order to the best of mudrunner to make since it comes out ... since about half a year I support his work ... as a friend and as fan of the game ... I not buy his mods ... I support his love for the game and his time .... I support just as smar19 and forces ... and 3 more mudder... not to get the mods..
to show them respect and love for their work ... am no Empire asshole .... but that what u have over...I like to share .... I know that we all have problems ... but I find his situation more than horrible... he is not able to work...not able to see his child and not able to have a normal life...also he deserve every cent ... so at all fathers .... all modders.. all fans ... checkt his website ... check out his mods .... I know that many keep him for arrogant ... and that he is wrong expresses ... keep that all for a misunderstanding ... he is also just a normal human who is interested to teach everyone to do same and help where he can ... and is due to a lot of crap gone ... forgott and forgive stay somewhere ... I like it

And no... it was not him who push me in to that... it was My idea... he was against it...


Paypal: draconus@frontier.com

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New content for me and as

  • new water and mud sfx
  • reworked every texture
  • 3k water texture
  • overhaul of all plants... add mass... trees
  • new mud textures...New chunks
  • new day and night...reworked sun
  • new light sfx
  • new rocks(big and small ines)
  • everything in high resolution...not to compare
    with other mods
  • many more

@knight25 you can't, unless you enter the circle of chosen ones, or give him lots of money. he's one of those special people who think that their mods should be paid for

Donation not means 100 bucks.... 5bucks is donation too... by the way... if one guy have it... the whole world will get it....

Everything is to read on the facebook link....

@ewgenij84 said in DRACONUS Mudrunner Overhaul:

Everything is to read on the facebook link....

Sorry, I have deleted my facebook account long time ago. Maybe some tl;dr?

@ewgenij84 said in DRACONUS Mudrunner Overhaul:

if one guy have it... the whole world will get it....

Ok, so how do you want to share your modifications with anyone?

He ask of donation... why... i have say above... his words: everyone who donates me... get a copy of the overhaul...

The second
thing: i mean... one of the donators will realease the mod somewhere else... so everyone would get it... normally

Thats the reason why many people only release to friends or donations... iam ok with this... they work hardly for this... for the st overhaul in uhd draconus work 7 months on it... i little donation is ok i think... the mr overhaul is much better.. couse his knowhow is much better now... just talk to him on steam... talking cost anythink

@ewgenij84 said in DRACONUS Mudrunner Overhaul:

He ask of donation... why... i have say above... his words: everyone who donates me... get a copy of the overhaul...

What about Updates of the overhaul Mod? Does i always get the newest Version of it?

I think so...but dont think its need to...cool as hell...after this comes winter edition... not talking of white textures...real winter...i know it seems to be like he sell mods...no... he really need that money...to fight for his daughter

You think so?? Did you not bought his Mod and helped his family?

If i‘m not always get the newest version this makes really no sense to buy his stuff.
Can i get in contact with him beside Facebook?
Because i have no FB account

If there is an update... u get of course the new update...
Try contact him on steam...

Iam like a beta tester... yes I help him with my donation... he let me test everythink he do...I have nothing buy...

you know, i'm poor too and have a lot of problems myself, but i'm not using my sob story (yes, cancer fucking sucks, i have a close family member who is battling it too, and fighting for child custody is extremely stressful slow progress as well) to put my mods behind a "paywall" and then act like a 8 year old kid if people call me out for it, but to each their own.

hey, good for him that he figured out how .lua scripts and high res textures work, it looks very good and all (the winter stuff looks amazing), but the way he's acting like he's some game development god and everyone else is a shitty person if they don't pay him money for his effort is really annoying. it makes me want to NOT give him money and keep his mods for himself

Thx for u words.... and u opinion....really...
I think his paywall is just understandable if you know the true strory of him...the forums...st...facebook coments...steam comments...pavel... i really unsderstand everyone who have the same opinion...
But he is a really good and talentet guy...and treat person exactly how person treat him...

I would really want to see him back in forum and realease his stuff free...but its Not in my hands

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