Having Issues saving Dr. Colden

I'm in the asylum and am at the part with the two lanterns and I can't seem to go anywhere. I have looked around the entire map with the green lantern and the only thing I can seem to find is something I can grab on one of the desks in the administration office but it won't let me grab it. I have also gone through the portal a few times to block B I think and the little floaty lights tell me to go into the men's bathroom but there is a barrier here. HELP! Did I break the game or something?

One lantern leads you to the general vicinity of the next step. The other lantern takes the next step. Don't run out of oil.

I realized that, there is a bug that isn't letting me pass to the next step. Thanks for assuming I'm dumb.

It sounds like you're missing where you need to go - do you have a screenshot of the desks, please?

I'll grab a screen when I get home. Maybe another roundabout with both lanterns will show what I was missing.

It could be a bug that I needed to reload the game because it got stuck. We'll see later and I will post some screenshots of what I am seeing if I am still stuck or repost if I figure it out.

So this is what I am seeing that I am having issues with. It didn't resolve once I booted up the game tonight. What do I do here?! 0_1541632259201_Call of Cthulhu_20181107180216.jpg 0_1541632265151_Call of Cthulhu_20181107180249.jpg
0_1541632284577_Call of Cthulhu_20181107180305.jpg
0_1541632301957_Call of Cthulhu_20181107180451.jpg
0_1541632318148_Call of Cthulhu_20181107180705.jpg

Hi, thank you for these screeshots.

Here are some tips to succeed this objective.

  1. You need to open the admin room with the yellow lantern.
  2. Then switch back to the blue lantern.
  3. Go in side room on the right when entering the admin room.
  4. Go through the portal in the wall.

Wish this helps you!
Good day.

I will try that later, thanks!

No assumption was made by me.

@chaton I finally got it and beat the game twice in that playthrough! Thanks a lot! Now for the other two endings 😃

@Fyoosh87 We're really happy that you love the game!