Vehicle Presentation - Introducing the E-7429!

I love the vehicles we've seen for this DLC and I don't think new content is a bad idea, I've never seen a player base that doesn't want new content until now... I was hoping that DLC would branch out the main game with new types of objectives, snow maps, vehicles from other countries such as Poland, etc... and stuff like this would be non-DLC updates, but new content is new content and I'm happy to see that development is continuing. As said before, this game is what it is, if you want it to become something else you'll have to use mods, some things are not fit for official content.

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@manfrede3 Man, we DO want new content!
The point is that this game developing lasts so long that everyone would like the creators to spend this long time on implementing something much more important what the community wants (snow, tracked vehicles, realistic behavior of vehicle elements like engine and transmission) instead of three vehicles, one of which is ponderous and slow, the second is no different than the powerful trucks already present in the game, and the third is a small, weak amphibious car which cant even swim. Understand?

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@manfrede3 Man, we DO want new content!
The point is that this game developing lasts so long

How long exactly? Game is out for what, two months?

@sodoma Actually 3,5 year. Im counting from date of spintires relase, because everything that has been created up to now including the mudrunner is an update.

Savage, but not necessarily inaccurate... 😕

@mudurlugu You are 100 percent correct, without mods this game dies. If the original spintires wouldnt have had mod support then the game would have just dissappeared and mudrunner wpuld not even be here. So i dont know how the devs expect the game to stay relevant on console without mods or the content that players actually want not just what the devs feel like putting on or think is the best to keep the game true to the logging simulation. Nobody honestly cares about the simulation, we play games to have fun and play with vehicles that we actually enjoy. For the console players i and many others feel like the devs could care less about the console community.

@knight25 I agree completly , mudrunner is exactly the same as the original just with updated graphics. No new vehicles really, no new gameplay. So when the get butt hurt for us requesting different vehicles or different ground textures it is completly stupid. We paid for the same exact game that we did 4 years ago thinking that it was going to be new and turns out to be same shit minus mods on console

Hmmm....i think you are correct.
I was thinking it was the same old medium log addon-on,
But the current one existing on all 6x6 vehicles is named a medium log cart.
So a medium log trailer might be exactly what you said.
Now lets see if they can be installed together like the short log carriage plus short log trailer on smaller vehicles.

Maybe you can create a new thread with our offtopic here, because we pollute the new 8x8 vehicle thread with our current discussion.
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@manfrede3 Man, we DO want new content!
The point is that this game developing lasts so long

How long exactly? Game is out for what, two months?

The game is out for 4 years.!!!
This is literally just an update for the 4 year old Spintires.
Published by a different company, but still just a small freshened up 2014 Spintires.
I personally cimnpleted the Mudrunner maps by knowing the old game (i think i have 1000 hours of original Spintires or close to it anyway).
It was nice with the small changes as i like the survival type experience, not knowing what to expect and having to cope with the hardcore limitations.

I guess so, because "trailer" AFAIK means something that you can attach behind your truck and it uses same wording as well known short logs version.
Takeing one objective by one ride really could be something new...
But that means that medium trailer cannot be attached behind 7310 MAZ...

Well, technically we can finish each objective with a single trip even now.
This is what i do in all my plays.
I do speedruns, i try to find the routes and methods for the quickest completion or the hardest hardcore i can think of.
Because nothing else is available.

I'm always excited for more stock vehicles because its hard to find mods of the same quality. And I don't mind the derpy front fascias to avoid copyright. Military trucks are cool but its easier for me to get immersed in something a civilian might find himself driving like this E-7429.

i think a lot of you fellas are wanting and expecting a bit much, both PC and console people. i would not say what is being asked is too much though. just a bit much for where things are with the game.

one thing is for sure though. the base game is a logging type game set in Russia and this is what you are getting when you buy the game. all this trail and rock crawling came from user created mods. which both trail and logging are big depending on which side of the fence you are on. yes there are a lot of trail type maps out there, but there is also a lot of logging type maps too. ever look at any of these euro mod sites? seems like they have more logging than trail maps to me. look at the steam workshop. yes a lot of trail trucks, but there is a lot of logging vehicles also. however this is all on the modded side of things.

now i do not play on console nor have i ever really followed that side of the game, so i feel there is nothing i can say about it since i have never really paid that much attention to it. i do feel for the console users feeling left out when it comes to this part of the game. seeing mods on console would be awesome imo, but i imagine there is more to adding this stuff to console than people think about or realize.

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Personally i love the russian wilderness delivery of goods, and dislike the trail exploration. (unless it is a new map that i don't know, that is the best thing to do..but still to com,plete the objectives, not wonder around senselessly.
But this game, as stated officially is an offroad experience, not logging.
And the way people end up to trailing and exploration is because of the game itself.
It encourages that directly and doesn't offer any incentives whatsoever to do the objectives.
So, we have empty public area, while many people play within their own friends circles for exploration.
It is a main problem within the game team. The publisher and developers need to get it in their heads, they are sending mixed signals and paying customers don't know what to expect or to do.
So we could say it is a project management issue.
Weird, i think i've said the same on the original Spintires game. Problem still the same, only one thing in common then and now. ;)Beside the idea of having a problem.
I really want to be wrong what i just said, but i feel it is like hoping the sky weren't blue.

Good luck to the new 8x8 truck! I look forward to seeing what it can do, although i would have appreciated more 6x6 6x4 4x4 4x2 vehicles

@lofwyr2030 we were no given a final answer to mods until recently so I can see the bitterness

Wohoo! Awesome new addition to the game, can´t wait to try this 🙂

Looks like there are bright days ahead of mudrunner past this update guys.

So does the dlc drop on the 1st of February or will it be dropped in the middle of the month or the end just curious I love the game on all platforms I'm ps4 with the g29 real as it gets for muddin lol thanks again for the updates

@blazinit more than likely be 2 or 3 more weeks. Since there have only done a 1 vehicle presentaion they still have 2 more to go.

@SloppySlingers thanks I thought that too but had my fingers crossed lol thanks again