Understanding the Match Results statistics

I was wondering if there's some guide somewhere on how to interpret the match results that come up after a game.

Specifically, with respect to "Armour" rolls, it seems that in BB2 a coach rolls for armour breaks on their own players. I thought a coach was supposed to roll to break the opposing player's armour, not his own player's armor.

In any case, a "success" clearly indicates that a player from that team did not suffer an armour break on an armour roll. Obviously a "failure" means a player from that team did suffer an armour break. There's also a count of how many 1s, 2s, 6s, etc. a coach rolled at the bottom of the list. Presenting information in this way suggests that, sometimes, when I roll 6s I'm actually causing my rolls to fail and am breaking my own players armor, or injuring or casing them...

Also, I really have no idea how to interpret the "Injury" and "Casualty" success/fail roll information. Again it seems a coach rolls injury and casualty dice against their own players, which itself is odd. Even in that context, what does it mean for an injury to be a "success?" Does it mean a stun, rather than removal? Does it mean a removal but no roll on the cas table? Similarly, what does it mean for a "casualty" to be a success. Does it mean just a badly hurt? Does it mean the casualty was not permanent (i.e. including mngs)?

Any advice on this would be appreciated, thanks!


you have it right on all accounts. The single die statistic is bogus as it mixes in good 1s and bad 1s (and of course the other dice results) together, leaving you with nothing very meaningful.

Go to goblinSpy, there you get the correct results.