Pitiful rewards and way too accurate AI.

First Issue I've had, I'll exit a near 60 minute game and get given pitiful rewards for it, as low as 200+ for a time played bonus.
The hell is going on there, I'd be 4 levels higher by now with all my bugged games if they gave me the right amount of xp (level 22 currently)
My usual rewards for that length of game are 3 to 4 THOUSAND XP. not 3 to 4 hundred.

Second issue I have is the terminator AI.
I'll shoot a dude in the head and his aim will snap to mine, instantly taking it off.

Playing earlier I took two shots at an AI who was roughly 75 meters away, the first missed but the second hit him in the side.
once this hit lands, I see him in a single frame, snap to face me, then I'm dead. I had not a single chance to take another shot.

This is a completely unfair way to die and makes it feel extremely cheap. It saps the fun because you'll get the first shot off, or one will come around a corner, and before you can even click fire you'll be dead. I had a game there where it was nothing but instant snap head shots, I can't even play when it's like that because of the speeds I'm unable to even react to.

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NOT TO MENTION, NPC's often seem to shoot through themselves, getting kills on me when they're facing the opposite direction :v