Hey guys!
Just wanna say I love this game. I played first Insurgency for about half year with my friends and than another half year solo but I guess it didn't catch me like 100%... when I saw new Insurgency comeing I preordered it and than it happened... I have almost 200 hours now and still playing. I have a small youtube channel but it's mostly in Polish (surprise) but I have a cinematic montage/frag movie section which covers no comment vids so feel free to check it out. By the way I made 2 episodes of Cinematic gameplay from Insurgency Sandstorm already (some of you are there ^^)and I can't wait to start another one. I posted them here on forum so if you want you can check it out... I guess all this proves how crazy about this game I've became ;p
Great work New World Interactive. I was looking for such game for a verry long time. In the past I played Americas Army. It was my dream game but now it's Insurgency Sandstorms turn 😉 Thanks for the fantastic game and wish you the best in the future.

P.S. But I hope for bit more fps after tomorrows update 😉

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