There's lucky....and then there's this.....

May i present to possibly most lucky moment in this game so far. I'm used to getting one shotted by bots in a tech from across the map. This was just.......i don't even know.

2 things though. Why couldn't i hear their footsteps, and why didn't they shoot me when they got the drop on me? Is their response directly correlated to me seeing them first?

Youtube Video

The game has a big problem with not playing sounds that are not generated on screen but even then it still may not play sounds either because there are too many sounds playing or some other reason. I have had players shoot at me point blank in front of me without making pew-pew sounds.

I haven't done tests, but I have observed bots react faster if you see them vs if you do not see/look at them. It may be designed this way to prevent this problem. When I play against bots, sometime I will get killed from bots reacting rather quickly vs someone else who somehow had bots see them for several seconds before reacting.