So, here we are at last... After years of waiting 🙂
I played to chapter 10 for now, at the day of premiere had some problems with dialouge with Winchester, but today everything worked fine, and i just went through traumatic events(i am a coward. If i can blow shit up or rip people to pieces- that is fine. But when i cannot...) and so i wanted to point out some things
Pros: ☠ you dimensional shambler! That thing is stuff of nightmares, most especially, when it does not attack us in the way of "booo! "Me will eat you". Someone loves "Alien" movie here 🙂 all it needed was tail with spike. Sequence in hospital will haunt my dreams tonight.. And i am going to crapper armed to the teeth. I was runing back and forth like an idiot, and had to pause and collect my thoughst. It ain`t "Amnesia" but still sounds and light made this all work splendidly

Over all feeling of landing in dirty, scary place, with hostile natives. Pure Lovecraft. From books on shelfs, through guts lying on the floors everywhere, mixing hallucinations with real world, art of the cult, to colours of this alien green, that seems to be everywhere. For that alone waiting for this game was worth it 🙂 I strained my eyes watching details of textures around Pierce at almost every turn

However... For now i have two major criticisms:
During dialouges in the game it`s "Vampyr" is showing. I mean it kind of as an insult. I have no good example but if i recall there was situation, where we were talkig to police officer and guy just told us about Winchester being only one who still lives in mansion. There are two choices one is to ask who the hell Winchester is, and other is asking is he dangerous. And i can choose one regardless if i asked about other. It can be kinda like asking first "vanilla or chocolate?" and only then asking "do you like icecream?". Might tweak some dialouges in some patch

Other is treating me like an idiot, and giving only important items those little icons. I hate to give example of another game here, but "Dark Cornesr of the Earth" allowed me to go around and practically grope everything, like and idiot, or pester NPCs infinetly, as well as get al kinds of backstory from them. There were obvious "important items", like crowbar or weapons, but beside that i could go up to the random painting, or a bookshelf, door leading somwhere, where i should not go, or even friggin printing press in closed down news building- and Walters would comment on that stuff, sometimes giving one or two different reactions, making that world that much more belivable, and sometimes making one wonder if stuff he watches is important or not. Giving rat to crazy guy in prison was one of those "will i need this?" moments. After all, why would i need dead rat.
Pierce instead has us covered. That will not change of course, no matter how you patch the game, but i frankly have no problems with puzzles here. Getting right safe combination in libary was question of just counting stuff mentioned in audiografs. Following little "fireflies" in hospital was also obvious... Figuring out dagger with shambler was bit stressfull, but as soon as i saw mark of Old Ones, i got right one. I mean- if it` s suppose to be more like a movie or book, then its fine, but i thought it should be a game? In other words- challenge

And there is one minor, itsy bitsy criticism- when Pierce attacked doctor, he pulled gun on him... That means he has a gat on him all the time... Yet in every other situation, where he could just march somwhere and just pull that thing out and tell people whet he wants... He never shows it. That is kinda illogical