Suspend/Reload Game Feature?

Sometimes, either real life or technology conspires against a match to be played to the end, even if both coaches actually wish to continue, but even a pause doesn't help.

In private leagues or other important play-offs, it would be great in such instances, if a mutual suspend-game feature would be available that allows the game to be saved and to be continued at a later point in time or in case of disconnect that the remaining person could decide to suspend the game at the point in time when the disconnect-timer runs out.

The solution to such problems at the moment is that the match ends in a concession and needs to be reset by admins and it is played again from the beginning, but, of course, that might be be unfair in some instances.

Also, the current system can be abused by people feigning bad connections to try to get another run at a possibly important match. (Though such behavior would be found out by the admins soon enough)

The technical solution shouldn't be so difficult (in my estimate) as it is similar to loading a replay (though, of course, for two people synchronously) and re-connecting the match to the server, basically just reinstating the state of the match before the suspend happened with the same timers and everything.

Of course, also some small GUI changes would be necessary, marking a game as unfinished instead of conceded, so it could be started like a normal unplayed scheduled match, but the starting procedure would be the same, but just setting up the reloaded match instead of starting at the inducement screen.

I agree. The system as-is may make sense for large groups of strangers that don't know each other. But when playing with a small league of friends, it is incredibly frustrating when we get disconnected because of an internet issue 14 turns into a game, and even though we are on comms or texting each other, there is nothing we can do to salvage an almost complete game. There should be some way to save the game state and re-invite the other player. Or, at least, an option to award SPPs and injuries based on the state of the game at the auto-disconnect (as far as I know this can only be done manually in the validation match admin screen - not automatically).

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