Proposal for a Coop mode for more experienced players

Game Mode: Assignment

The primary objective of this game mode is to increase replayability for more experienced players and promote more coordination.

The game will start by providing the players with several objective that they need to complete without revealing exactly where the objectives are. Once these objectives are completed the players will be able to extract and the mission is determined to be successful. Extra/bonus objectives will litter the map and provide ways for players to increase their score and earn respawns. This will also decrease the number of bots on a respawn or reduce the quality of gear bots spawn with.

Types of Objectives

  • Blow Cache - Simply blow up the cache.
  • Capture Intel/Device - Find and extract intel. If the player who has the intel dies, then, another teammate will need to pick it up to get the objective point at the end of the game. (Whole team that is alive at the extraction receives this objective.)
  • Disarm explosive - Disarming an explosive. The explosive type may vary from C4 to IED. The trigger for the explosive can vary (ie: there is a remote or a tripwire that triggers).
  • Extract VIP (hostile) - Disable and handcuff the VIP to extract. (Non-lethal weapons like tasers will be available for this game mode.)
  • Extract VIP (ally) - Free an ally and extract them.
  • Kill VIP - Eliminate the VIP to complete the objective.


  • Every map will have areas that are zones for extracting. These will be marked clearly on the edges of the map.
  • The commander (with observer assistance) may call in an extraction from helicopter but the players will have to secure the area and wait for extraction.


  • Players who are killed will be able to be revived if they are not critically wounded (ie: headshot or limbs blown clean off).
  • The commander or ranking officer can call in a helicopter for reinforcements after a period of time is up. Limit of one extraction per completed objective.
    Players will spawn in immediately the first time before the first objective is completed. (This will help players who load slowly.)


  • Players will be able to resupply from caches before blowing them.
  • Possible to scavenge from corpses
  • The commander will be able to call in an air drop or technical with a resupply box.

Sounds good !
I support that proposal for a new game mode.

dude this sounds amazing. Whether it's an official game mode, or a modded one, i love the premise and the detailed thought you put into this. @jballou do you think this is something too difficult to make?

Great suggestion!

I'm also hopeful for modes that involve discover/exploration such as what you describe. Not knowing where the target/objective is could add a lot of fun and replayability.

Also like the fact that you have to get to extraction point after objective.

Fingers crossed 🙂