Important BUGS

All trucks are destroyed when trying unload and moving pièces of woods thru the barriers to upload on the other side of the passage...![alt text](image ur0_1541680427536_Spintires  MudRunner Screenshot 2018.11.08 - l)0_1541680485947_Spintires  MudRunner Screenshot 2018.10.11 - 0_1541680494665_Spintires  MudRunner Screenshot 2018.10.11 -

Well that s one funny mess you did there 😁

Yes, after a few hours to try saving all the trucks, i came back to the initial situation ...

I tried to replicate what hapen to you but couldn't( i tried on the new dlc map),i was able to pass log through the post with the crane then cross with my truck then load them up again without a single glitch.

I understand that it's possible but may be not accepted in the game , after a few hours, i arrive to return to the original situation before all these crashes and destroyed trucks in the two différents maps where i test that way...

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