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When trying unload and carrying pièces of woods over the barrier, all trucks are crashing and destroyed and are impossible to get back to normal situation...0_1541680833093_Spintires  MudRunner Screenshot 2018.10.11 - 0_1541680852003_Spintires  MudRunner Screenshot 2018.10.11 - 0_1541680871157_Spintires  MudRunner Screenshot 2018.11.08 - 0_1541680889342_Spintires  MudRunner Screenshot 2018.11.08 -

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Hey there,

Lumber isn't able to be transported through these barriers, are you trying to throw it over?

Yes, some of them , but the précision about the wood carrier near the barrier and the truck uploading wood on the other side is making that problem, i had it in two différents map, may be with all the maps, it will be the same...

I'm not sure that's a bug. It's the punishment you get for attempting to smuggle wood through illegal entry points. 🙂

@patdefruit are you serious??
Cant you read the rules written on these BLOCKPOSTS?

Maybe it is possible, this is a solution which was testing with a difficult map, but i arrive to do this smuggle wood over the barrier, but the position of the two trucks at each part of the barrier is in a particular position....

Of course it is possible, but this way is not accepted in the game, two times, i arrive to move with the crane behind the barrier but i had these problems seens on the screenshot...after a long time to remove all the trucks in this bad situation, in the initial situation...

At one more time, i try to make a vidéo and post it if it is possible or use the link to see it...

@patdefruit why you spam this forum?? If you dont agree with game rules - dont play it, whats all! Dont waste yours, community and devs time for the Earth to be Quadratic and so on!
There are no any bugs you describe! Just bullshit! Thx!

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