Game wont lauch ! Help me please

This is a Repost.

Signs 2 days the game wont launch. The logo blood bowl came and after that that crached automatiquelly. I was playing on this computer so i dont know whats is change.

I try a lot of think like
deleted the config
deleted the game ans steam et réinstalle
update drivers
check direct X
Check microsoft

More and More
So i really need help cause the mail from the support not help me
I dont know what to do

On the discord chanel somebody told me to ask @Netheos

Thnaks for youre help the forum is my last chance

Hello, what config did you delete?
The actual config file is in Documents\BloodBowl2, not in the game folder.

In addition, you can check the game integrity -> right click on it in the library, Local files, Verify integrity of Game Files

If you still crash, can you send me your Management and Game000 files located in Documents\BloodBowl2 to ? Thanks

@focus_guillaume said in Game wont lauch ! Help me please:

hey yes he was the one on documents not in the folder i sen you everithing right now thnaks for youre help

Ok somebody as the solution the game still wont running ...