Rubberbanding with VPN

Today I had some heavy rubberbanding wich resets me to spots I've never walked thru.
Never had this before in Closed Beta nor Preorder Beta.

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So I only get rubber banding when I play with VPN on - which is odd.
Without VPN I have an ingame round trip time of 24ms
With VPN I have a rtt of 60ms

From my VPN Server to the presumed game server ( I have a rtt of 4ms (only 3 hops)
What is going on here?

The response time from your VPN server to the game server doesn't account for all the overhead and processing that takes place when the VPN routes traffic to your computer and back, so that is probably why there is a delay.

Also just curious, why are you playing through a VPN?

@prestonep Because I'm not on my home location and surfing via an untrusted wired network.