improvements after update

Its defo improved performance wise after this update, micro stutters are gone, still some drops in fps but much better, recoil also has improved and now feels MUCH better 🙂 however, everytime I spawn I have no weapon and it takes a while to spawn in?

Defo a step in the right direction and with a few more updates this should be great by launch, how is everyone else finding it after the patch?

I agree with the weapon, performance, and frame stuff. However, I noticed that now when I start all of the models are jacked up. Arms are piercing chests, sometimes bodies don't render for a while after a round starts, and I don't have any visible hands for the entirety of the match. All of the animations work as intended, I just can't see the hands. Other than that it's great.

Yeah I have noticed the weird arms of players and spawning without a gun etc, still needs some work but hopefully a few more updates will totally fix it, im hoping so anyway

with or without that engine ini aliasing fix now the game looks horrible the whole map looks out of focus and cartoon like
ive seen no improvements on fps


this worked wonders on the look of the game before this update now even that doesnt fix it

To me the game looks WAY better than it did before, much sharper and less like Vaseline

Just had a quick blast and getting more issues this morning, seems to be rubberbanding and also getting bigger frame drops than I was yesterday 😞 hope they get this game right soon!

**Since the patch i have noticed that arms and weapons take longer to appear and as for the Ping it has gone through the Roof.....Not happy Jan !!!😡 **