Performance after update

Playing with the same settings as before the update +TAA I have less microstuttering. However the cpu is still at 100% at most times. GPU at 50%~ Even if I crank every setting to very high its still the same. Barely any difference in GPU usage. Could you focus on this please.

GPU: 1080ti
CPU: i7 4770k

Thank you.

Got i5 7300HQ and Gtx 1050ti 4gb and 16 gb of Ram.

With me performance is even worse compared to pre-update. I have frame drops frequently now and not only when there is a LOT going on.

Edit: And that with a game where you can see the textures literally growing when walking towards them and weapon textures take always seconds to load fully.

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Game installed on HDD or SSD ?
Makes a huge difference !

I mostly have between 75 - 95 FPS with my PC Hardware ( look at my signature for details )
Sometimes FPS drops to the low 60´s but thats nothing serious ( not very often ).
Not a gamebraker for me.

For those who have low RAM and many applications in backround ( you never know how many there are ) i propose to install Razor Cortex.
That software boosts your overall PC performance by disabling tasks which are running in backround.
So the CPU and GPU have less load and can calculate more FPS for games.

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SSD. Had the preupdate-version on the HDD though. Fps are locked to 45 but most of the time not even this modest level is achieved.

Can anyone else chime in on this i upgraded pc today so i wont be able to tell

60-80 fps with 6600k and 1080 lol

I got a HUGE fps boost, BUT I think there is slightly more input lag, I'm not sure. It could be mouse smoothing/acceleration.

Something feels off, I might have been spoiled by Escape from Tarkov. EfT has less input lag than insurgency, so it feels much smoother.

My system is Core i5 6600k, Rx480 8Gb, 16Gb ram, Windows 10 pro (Im not using October update).

I notice a degradation in performance after the today patch. Im having frame rate drops to about 37. The game is basically with the same settings as before and I tried other settings relative to memory, AA, tesselation, shadows etc. and nothing seem to solve the frame rate drops or making much difference but the upper fps number. The frame rate is varying from about 37 to 90 with current settings.

Before the patch AMD Chill was working with this game and now it's not too, so I deactivate it. The frame rate before never dropped below 60 and sometimes reached above 70 or more. Most of time it was around 60.
Im also noticing some stuttering in image but not in sound, seems like the gpu is trying to do something in the background, it's strange. I tried and looked in windows task manager and the cpu was at about 65~70% and GPU above 95%, so something is making the GPU to overload it seems.

All changes in gameplay, weapons behavior, animation etc looks good, the problem now is just the performance.

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i5-4690K OC to 4.38Ghz on SSD with GTX 970. I was getting up to 110-120 fps before the patch but now it's around 80-90 fps. It doesn't feel as smooth and like one of you mentioned, there seems to be some more weird input lag. The new "Low" setting for scopes on 2x+ scopes feels worse. Before the 4.20 patch, the "Low" setting felt like there wasn't mouse smoothing, but setting it to "High" did. Now after the patch, the "Low" scope setting feels like the mouse smoothing on a "High" pre-4.20 patch setting.

What's disappointing is the new patch notes that keeps the grass on in spite of the graphics settings, and this takes a significant performance hit as well as introducing some stuttering.

  • "Fixed view distance and foliage density settings to enforce consistent gameplay when it comes to the visibility of various foliage and tree objects."

I started the game today (2018/11/10) and it updated. Now things are a lot better. My fps is more stable around 60fps practically all the time. Huge frame rate drops are gone it seems.
If I use high on the "Texture streaming pool" the game present some random stuttering, but it uses about 4Gb of vga. My vga has 8Gb. If I set it to low, it seems most stuttering disappears.

The image quality is a bit strange. I think before 11/08 patch it was better and crisper.

The only thing I thought strange in the gameplay changes in the 11/08 patch is that now the weapons seems loose in the middle of the screen when you are not using sights. This effect would be nicer if it was slower and softer. It seems too loose.

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I'm sad because I have the same framerate than before the patch. I play using the lowest settings to maximize framerate. I have an average of 90 frames per second, which is not enough for me to enjoy a first-person shooter game.

Too much load on the CPU... I have an i5-6600, I know it's not an enthusiast processor, but is still a great and recent CPU. I didn't have any weird programs in the background, and I don't use antivirus. All the CPU load was from the game.

1_1541843854917_image_2018-11-10_10-43-09.jpg 0_1541843854917_image_2018-11-10_10-34-21.jpg

My PC:
Windows 10 64-bit
8 GB Dual-Channel DDR4 @ 2.4 GHz
GTX 1060 6 GB
240 GB SSD

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Pre update I was showing an average of 90-110 frames per second, but my game would regularly freeze for full seconds at a time, especially when encountering enemies, explosions, or smoke.

Now my average frame rate has fallen into the 60s and 70s, but the freezing has gotten significantly better, becoming both less frequent and shorter in duration. I've not had a single freeze on Refinery yet.

For me, despite the frame rate hit, the game has become MUCH more playable. I'm happy.

My frame rate has dropped since update. Was on 80+ FPS now varies from 60-40 at times. Still will peak around 80 but very variable. Updated drivers too which helped a little.

GTX 1060 6GB at 1080p
i7 8700K
16GB 3000mhz ram