Keyboard bindings STILL bugged: UP/DOWN arrows ALWAYS bound (4th time reporting)

I am reporting this the forth time now (once in alpha, once in beta1, once in beta2 and now)

The UP and DOWN keys are ALWAYS bound to move forward/backward respectively. If you bind another action to UP and/or DOWN arrow, it will perform both actions, e.g. if you bind CROUCH on DOWN arrow, you will now always CROUCH and MOVE BACKWARDS.

Please, can we have a fix for that? I dont really enjoy playing the WASD setup.

3rd time report:

Honestly i am losing the hope this will fixed at all. If not, i wont play this game sadly since the WASD setup is really not comfortable for me. Sad sad.

So why don´t you play with arrow keys to move ?
Makes things easier. 😉

I would if it would be practical for me, but it is not, since i would have to move my hand constantly away from the movement keys to prone, lean left/right, change fire mode, use communication menu etc.

Also, like for the bug fixing: they are using the Unreal engine where there is a dedicated menu/rollout for handling input mapping; it is literally <Select the predefined key bind> <hit the DEL key> <Save project> <Fixed> unless NWI is doing something different with input handling.