Audio of Sandstorm

The new update in sandstorm screwed over the audio. There is way too much bass, especially whenever you are shooting in the wide open. The guns' audio has lost its distinctness due to the amount of lows applied to it. The first person gun shots now sound like third person gun shots, and it sounds horrible compared to yesterday. I'm sure that many others and I would prefer reverting back to the original sounds or adjusting it. Other than that, this update is nearly flawless, and has improved the game in nearly every way. Keep it up NWI.

after this update for some reason my audio changes from crisp gun sounds to muffled like your under a mild constant suppression effect. if i fire a complete mag the you can hear the audio change from muffled to near crisp sound then back again. this isnt an effect it as it happens everytime with single shots too

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