28 player PVP servers (14vs14)

In the patch notes:

Game Modes

  • Push now has a maximum player limit of 28 players on official servers to provide a more tactical experience.

How does 4 less players make it more tactical?

they increase the size of the map and decrease the capacity of players, does the developers do not understand that this affects the style of the game?

28 players? 32 players was perfect in the last game. No players had any issues with it.

What's the point of reducing player count ffs.


Probably to improve performance cost/system strain.

@slazenger No clue. The maps are big enough that I think you could go larger than 32 players, personally.

I would assume its something to do with performance either server side or our side. Who cares really its only 2 players missing from each side, it makes no difference what so ever. They will likely push 32p servers again in the future.

@pacalis said in 28 player PVP servers (14vs14):

Probably to improve performance cost/system strain.

Why not then just state in patch notes, that this was the reason. I don't personally agree with reducing player count in push. There are other game modes where reducing player count might make sense.

just speculation, but I can't see a tactical reason for reducing player count on such large maps. I mean Rising Storm 2 Vietnam have 64 players and that does not make it less tactical. Why would more players reduce the tactical aspect, it makes no sense right? What it will reduce for sure is strain on system and there is definitely not going smooth performance wise for many players. I would also prefer even more players, its both fun and difficult with many players as the game gets more complex. Guess it depends on what they mean by tactical, it would be tactical to let players play without stuttering;) Would probably not look cool to write in the change log that the current game can't handle the amount of players, as similar games does it without any problem.