Graphics Settings

I’m having a rough time finding a good balance can people post their settings/rig/fps so I can try a few out please. I really wish each setting would give a description of what it does when you hover your cursor or it. I’ve tried the AUTO feature as well and it doesn’t look very good so have been wasting a lot of time fiddling with the settings but just can’t really seem to find a happy medium for visual/fps. Anyways would just appreciate any suggestions on settings to try thanks. Have decent rig — i-7 8700k msi1080gtx 16GB hyperX fury ram 2xSsd...

click the "low" preset, then change super sampling to 2x. That's it. Dont touch a thing. Just hit apply and enjoy.

@lordsiggi Thanks for the reply unfortunately that doesn’t work for me..

In order for the game to not be an absolute jittery mess I have to go full potato mode with a couple of things on medium like textures and effects.. Before the update I just used AUTO for graphics and it looked good.. Solid fps.. and settings were mostly high with a couple very high and still had decent frames. Now if I use Auto it puts the anti-aliasing to TAA and settings all high or very high but it’s an utter blurry mess. If I lower the AA things get sharper and look a lot better but character models are jittery like crazy it’s sickening to watch especially when someone is running and the textures or details can take a full second to actually load when I enter a room etc.. I can say without a doubt that this “optimization” has done no good what so ever for me or at least I can’t find a good balance other than potato mode. Fps really isn’t the issue here and wasn’t before.. Who doesn’t want more fps.. Anyways what ever I was very excited for this update and now am quite disappointed I spend almost as much time messing with the graphics as actually playing 😔. My rig specs are above and are decent.. Don’t know what to say..

yo i can shoot you a link to my discord and help ya out. we basically have the same card, and you have a step up on processor to mine, so you should be enjoying this.

I mean... I get that some people are having issues, but I haven't dipped below 80 fps ever and it usually rests at 110-120. Wish I could get it to the magic 144, but even if I put everything on low it only ever gets to about 130.

Haven't had a stutter since the 2nd to last patch. Crashes to desktop and other bugs, though. I get lots of those!