Ok this new change where your carry weight effects ads is a great option but it needs to be worked on a little.

  1. your ads speed now is effected by your loadout carry weight, not your carry weight while playing. this means that if you have an rpg, your ads is slow. but you use up the rpg and its gone from your inventory, YOUR ADS IS STILL SLOW FOR SOME REASON.
  2. i think the effect of your weight is a little bit too much. you can't even have heavy armor and not have your ads slower. Too me, it goes a little too far from what the 2014 insurgency had. back then, you can carry a shit ton of stuff but your ads wasn't effected that much. sure your ads was going to be slower if you ran around with a shit ton of stuff but not to the point where its super noticeable. In my OPINION, nwi should make it so you can have at least: 1 heavy gear, 1 rifle, 2 nades, and your ads won't be effected. THIS IS MY OPINION
  3. The effect has changed a lot of games since positioning is more important now and peaking around corners now is harder. you can't just lean and ads around corners anymore meaning that guy who has been camping there will probably get you(or i just suck but hey my opinion). This does nerf sniping since marksmen use to get picked faster than silvers voting for dust 2 as the next map(maybe this just happens from where i play) but now it gets picked in certain situations. Fucken laser sights are now more useful since ads is now shit when your carrying a ton of stuff on your back
  4. To me, attacking feels harder now. Farmhouse got 1 extra point so that's good. so IN MY OPINION, nwi should make it so your ads is effected by your carry weight while playing(meaning if you used up your rpg and its gone from your inventory, you should have a faster ads and not like right now where even if your rpg is gone from your inventory, your ads is still slower than the average reaction time from your marksmen). Make it so when you stop spiriting, ads shouldn't be a slow transition even if you have nothing on you. make it so that ads is slower when you have more shit on your back but not to the point where anyone can notice it. To me, this feels so different and so off from what the 2014 insurgency had. or maybe i just suck. yea i probably just suck