Intel Core I5-7400
GTX 1050
12 gb sys RAM
Windows 10

After the update today my computer has been running at a constant 90-100% CPU whenever I open (not even when I play) Sandstorm. I have overclocked in the past, but somehow I feel that it's not my computer in the wrong here. Before the update my CPU was stable at 60% with high settings and 80fps.

Not too happy with this. Anyone else experiencing the same problem? Any suggested fixes?

I don´t have such an experiance.
In Sandstorm game ( while playing )
CPU runs at 49 - 65 % .
GPU runs at 61 - 94 %

In Sandstorm Menu :
CPU is running at 27 - 40 % ( until i play a match on a server or local play ).
GPU is running at 96 - 97 %

You are running an I7 its far more powerful than an I5.