New ADS/Weigth need a tweak!

I won't lie I hate new ads/weight system. I understand why they did it but I still hate it. Changes are wayyyy tooo drastic. Dev's should pull it down a little and see how is the reception. UGH, it's so frustrating, it's like I can't play advisor anymore because my weapon of choice make me already too fat. To be honest, old ADS time was a lot better IMO.

I disagree. I find the current tweak very welcome.

I don't say that they should remove it completely just because I don't like it. Rather they should tweak it little bit because currently it's really frustrating trying to aim. Im really aggressive player and I think this nerfs too much aggressive playstyle and promotes camping. If implemented correctly, I might even chance my view about it.

IMO your weight should only affect your movement speed, but the time it takes to aim should remain unchanged. I mean real life it's not like extra weight on your body will somehow slow down how fast you can raise your weapon, that's just silly.

What SHOULD affect ADS time is the weight of the weapon itself, i.e. the heavier the weapon the longer the ADS time. So that slapping a lot of equipment on your weapon, esp. a heavy drum mag, would come with a penalty. A far more realistic solution IMHO.

I'm not sad that sprinting into a room and THEN aiming your weapon (or hipfiring) is now a less viable tactic than it was. God forbid anyone ever have to use a little caution in a firefight and, i dunno. AIM and check corners as they enter, rather than just sprinting everywhere?!

I feel the time it takes going to ADS & Back is just a tee·ny-wee·ny bit slow. No, I'm not looking for COD style super-duper quick scope (oh god no) but maybe just a little bit faster? Pretty please? With sugar on top? -Wink

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remove the ads and weight thing completely
was never in the mod, 2014 game, or day of infamy
never was needed in any of those games
nothing was effected without it
and right now, attacking feels harder with it since you can't wear heavy armor without having the issue
it doesn't help that if you ads and lean or just ads while your sprinting, your ads speed is still slow as hell(even with nothing on you) meaning that you have to stop moving then ads so you won't have that problem
just make ads like in the first game where it took at least 0.3 of a second to scope in for everyone. I know the devs want the game to be less run and gun and more tactical but just increase the recoil until its like the one in the 2014 game, make weapon sway a pain in the ass again, and make it so damage for all weapons is increased by at least 55%. bolt action snipers shouldn't be a 2 shot kill at close distances
the ads and weight thing also doesn't add to the realism since in real life, your ability to close one eye and raise your weapon to look through the sight isn't based on how much shit your carrying on your back
in my opinion, just remove it and make it so weapons have more damage, more weapon sway(to the point where standing next to a wall can lower that sway by a noticeable amount), and just increase recoil. this way increases realistic side of the game and makes it more statistical. its also what alot of people who have spent so much time in the 2014 game(like me) want instead of this ads thing
i mean its just my opinion

Weight should drastically affect movement speed, but not ADS speed. That's a great way to make sure nobody runs more than a rifle and a grenade

Can we even confirm that loadout weight effects ADS time or are we confused and its actually gun weight?

Loadout weight should only effect movement. Gun weight should be a separate thing.

So if you have an extremely heavy loadout, but you're using a light gun, then ADS time should be faster. But if you're using an already massive gun, with all the attachments , a drum mag, and a heavy 2x (and up) scope too, then it should be slower.

I hope they didn't just lump the ENTIRE loadout and gun weight into one (weight pool).

I don't have the time to go make a bunch of loadouts and test this. Someone make the same loadout, but one with lots of nades, armor, and ammo... and the other the same exact gun but nothing else and time the ADS. I'm sure it's probably only gun weight that effects ADS...

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