[PC] Gob Bomb intercepted with Hail Mary Pass

Match 24/01/2018 between "Les Fous Bobs Barjots" and "Dame de Coeur" in competition "Coupe des Vices 2 - R6 Table 6"

I have a Gobelin Bombardier with Hail Mary Pass skill. With it, a pass (to throw a bomb) cannot be intercepted (LRB6 page 45 : "The Hail Mary pass may not be intercepted").

On turn 10, my Gob bombardier threw a bomb with Hail Mary Pass but an opponent (Bretonian Blitzer "Sire Acis") on the path intercepted it (6+ roll success !) => bug

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Hello Focus/Cyanide guys,

no news for this bug report ?

Community Manager

Hi, it's been sent to our Q&A team. They're taking a look at it 🙂

Focus Team

Hello, the replay is not available anymore on the server, do you still have it available on your computer?

I've checked on my side and don't found anything unusual.

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