I can't even load into a multiplayer match and its not just me.

I having an issue where I can for the life of me even play the game. It always displays Kicked from Server: Host closed the connection. I know I'm not the only issue with this because on discord people were also having the same issue.

Same problem here. Seems to work if I use the server browser rather than matchmaking though.

Deleting and re-downloading....I'll let you know how it turns out. This is frustrating for me because the game was actually running really well for me before the patch. Since the update however, I haven't been able to play PVE.

@greeneagle5 It did nothing for me I still have the same issue.

@yossarian i'm afraid thats the only fix for this match making just doesnt work.one issue with that tho is that u dont get exp for matches

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