Prices and Level bug

Okay so the problem with the prices is that i just bought a fricking helmet for 1200 coins (or whatever they are called) and now you guys have just lowered the price to 800?! Atleast give us the money back we just spent! The level bug that i mentioned is that for some time ago i played a match where i would reach lvl 8 but i didnt i were finished on lvl 7 but when i came to the level up thingy it just sent me back to the start on lvl 7 so i needed to get a full new level, also i missed out on them coins there, so thank you very much

Everything you have is going to be wiped in a month anyways. Technically, everything i've purchased has been deduced in value.

This is a beta. You'll get half your earned points once the game comes out. So if you care about cosmetics in the first place, just keep playing the game. I just had a 10,000 xp match. You could always try to be an observer as well. Get extra points for helping the commander, and access to the same weapons as a rifleman. Easy way to get extra xp.

(min= (0.5)(100xcurrent LvL))
(0.5)(100 x 164) = 8200 points guaranteed.