Complete Honesty of Update Nov 8th

I was looking forward to the update of Nov 8th like it was a godsend. I legit spent an entire day doing homework so i wouldnt have to do it this thursday, so i could play the update. There was alot of promises the update made, and got me very interested. After the update though, here is my honest opinion after hyping up the update (too much).

After the update i was able to see the additions of cosmetics, different animations, and some pretty cool settings. However throughout the entire day after the update i was only allowed to join one co-op game. So i played local matches to evaluate. The update surely gave what the patch notes promised, but also ruined stuff in the process.

Optimization was very much improved and now im no long dipping below 60fps and i no longer studder. This is a very welcome change and was key to bringing back the fanbase, despite the few which seemed to not be helped by it. Another big issue was the screen flashing once you entered smoke, which was also fixed, despite now causing another glitch, being able to see right through the smoke instead. The update also brough back Refinery, which I quite like since i wasnt able to play it during beta 1 and enjoyed another map to explore.

The cons of this update were much more then expected. Introducing a sense of stamina and basing certain things on weight seemed to be a massive nerf, as it seemed to be much more then what the community asked. Increaed weight now makes you aim slower, run slower, and now makes you feel like you are ice skating. Overall the sense of momentum is far greater then what was needed. Now that heavy armor punshes you so greatly and light armor was nerfed into not being useful, we are back to Insurgency 2014 were armor is pretty much useless.

Increasing recoil on almost every weapon and decreasing the efect of grips and compensators were quite redundant, as now any option will have drastically more recoil then before. Again this leads back to Insurgency 2014 were it seems as if the first shot always decided the fight. Gunplay is starting to feel alot more like the Insurgency 2014 then before, which is kinda what the community was asking for, however, this update made the change too drastic.

Getting "tired" and being penalized for sprinting was another fix the community was asking for, there was a bunch of people complaining about "run and gun" being the meta and this update certainly changed that, by too much. Now sprinting instantly puts you at a disatvantage no matter what your setup is. Every fight will now benefit the defender much more then an attacker, another thing which brings the game considerably closer to Insurgency 2014. The game is becoming much closer to a game of "holding angles", but way to drastically. Before the update of Nov 8th there was community complaining that the game was too fast not because it was, it was because run and gun and pushing was incredibly more viable in the game then it was in Insurgency 2014, however the reality was that because it was this way, both defending and pushing were way closer in fairness then they have been before, which is good since it suited various play-styles.

Two entire classes were ruined because of this update. The Gunner and Demolition classes are required to always be carrying heavy gear, which makes them much more limied before. Now these classes are only useful specifically for defense and area suppresion and good at nothing else. These classes are pretty much only good at defense now, but even while defending, a gunner would only be really useful if he happened to have his gun mounted since recoil is so drastic and crouching helps much less then it used to. Well you can lay down and aim, but that makes you literally unable to move much at all once an enemy comes or aims wherever you are. You can mount looking out a window, but you might easily get sniper or flanked and not be able to undeploy and turn around fast enough since you are so slow. So the best option seems to be to couch in a corner and hope that your recoil control is good enough.

Since the game is now benefiting defending players and penalizing pushing players, one would assume this would effect co-op right? Indeed it does. Now that heavier players are made slower and not good for pushing what are they to do in a gamemode were you constantly push? Sit back and wait? Some think this would be solved bu reducing weight by removing armor and extra ammo, but those two things are crutial when the purpose of the gamemode is to be facing large numbers of bots, each of which shoot at you. This does make co-op harder and more of a challenge, but now because many issues about AI still remain such as being able to snipe long distances with any gun and being able to prefire even, you have to be quick.

Now despite these major changes that were made to gunplay, other issues arrosed like not being able to kick a door for like 10 seconds after sprinting almost a couple feet in distance, having the gun model jerking around for no reason while you are walking, having a large portion of the scope blacked out no matter what resolution, but most importantly, not being able to physically play the game. I wish i was able to evaluate the update while fighting more actual players then i was able to, but because i kept getting kicked for a hosting issue no matter how many times i restarted the game and my compuer, i couldnt do that. I was stuck playing local on only 3 old maps (also why only 3, all of which are old?) with bots.

Overall im going to summarize the update in my own words and the experience of my fellow players. This update did exactly most of what was promised. Optimization is much better for most players, and bugs were fixed. However, this update leaned way too much to the people complaining about how run and gun was an option and nerfed the game way too close to Insurgency 2014. I loved Insurgency 2014, it was good, however some elements of the game made it not as fun as other games, such as the few amount of bullets required to kill, the slow speed, and the heavy reward for players who souly sat at an angle for the entire game. When i tried out sandstorm, in honestly was the best multiplayer game in a long damn time. It fixed everything that i disliked about Insurgency 2014 and became my go-to game for a while. Co-op and PVP were both enjoyable and every class seemed to have a purpose and were always versatile and viable. This update ruined this for me and many other players. Now the game which i spent $24 dollars on is starting to feel much more like the game which I spent $2.50 on.

The game feels much more restricted then ever before because of this update. Thank god this isnt the release of the game, hopefully they can fix most of these mistakes before launch. Im super glad the game is much better optimized, but other issues arised and made me perfer the game before this update.

Let me know your opinions on this. I really want to see what your opinion was before and after the update. Most people i have talked to dont like this update, but i want to see how many people like the game better. Id assume the way the game is now even people asking for the game to be slower pre update would think this is still absurd. I dont want to cause any fights since this is clearly somewhat based on opinions, which everyone can have their own, but i just want to know what the community thinks overall.

@sgt_paco said in Complete Honesty of Update Nov 8th:

The Gunner and Demolition classes are required to always be carrying heavy gear, which makes them much more limied before. Now these classes are only useful specifically for defense and area suppresion and good at nothing else.

Lol, go figure the guy who has a 25 pound gun (when empty) and 8-10 pounds of ammo in the thing (100 rnd box mag) can't run and gun like a guy with an smg.... You serious? If you count just the ammo he has in his bag (3 box mags, not including the loaded one) that's like 30-40 pounds of ammo...and we haven't even started counting the weight for any armor, clothing, or grenades he might be carrying.

Did you REALLY think having someone with that much weight in equipment should be able to "run and gun"?

Also. I'm confused. One of your main complaints is "the game now benefits defending players" but then you go on a tirade about "how hard it is to defend with a machinegun".

There are a lot of issues with the new patch, but having weight of loadouts effecting movement isn't one of them.

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Im not saying the gunners should be able run and gun. Im saying that at the current moment no one is really allowed to run and gun. The way sprinting impacts the game it limits any individual who pushes causing any defender to have a much higher advantage then before. Before the advantage was that defending players would have a small advantage since they know where an enemy could push them while the enemy knows that the defender can be anywere in the room, however now in this update pushing is drastically different and punished.

When i say the gunner and demolition are only good for defending i mean holding one angle. They cant hold many angles at a time because they are slow and the ADS is severely reduced. So that one angle is what they can control, not anything else.