Voice Chat

First off, love the update!

In game voice chat isnt working at all in coop official servers. I've gone into someone's custom server, and it did (even our names showed up when talking), however in the standard coop servers, while i can press the button, and visually on screen the "voice and proximity" visual pops up, no one on my team/discord can hear my in game chat.

May be some custom server owner can write here what the correct setting in the server settings has to be done !?
I would love to see this bug fixed as soon as possible.

Also the volume of the players voices should be boosted ( may be a clickable box for VOIP boost can be added or just make the slider more effective at higher settings ? )
I mostly cannot hear what players are yelling during firefights.

@GSG_9_LIGHTNING So i normally play with my game at 60% master volume...so i can hear my fellow discord buddies and not have my eardrums blown out by insurgency's crazy loud audio. What i've done, is turn the master back up to 90%, but turn attenuation on in discord so i can hear people.