Insurgency Sandstorm Pre-Order Beta 2 Hotfix - November 9th, 2018

Hello everyone. Today we are releasing a hotfix to address some of the issues and respond to some of the initial feedback from yesterday’s major update. We plan to continue monitoring feedback through the weekend, and will likely release another patch some time next week.

We are aware of a crash some people are experiencing on startup, which has a fairly easy fix for it. If you are experiencing this crash, try the following:
First, navigate to: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Insurgency\Saved\Config\WindowsClient
Then delete the following file: GameUserSettings.ini
The file will be recreated when you next start the game.

We hope everyone enjoys playing over the weekend, and we look forward to joining you on the servers!
New Features

  • Settings Menu
    • Added SMAA T2x Anti-aliasing option to the setting menu and re-enabled TAA sharpening.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Player Movement

    • Adjusted the Aim Down Sights speed when coming out of a sprint so it now factors in weight instead of just being a fixed delay.

User Experience Improvements

  • Server Admin
    • Added quality of life improvements
      • Admin list/map cyle setup has been simplified and placed into their own text files.
      • Admin kick exemption (team kills/idle).
      • Ability to disable idle kicks by setting the value to 0.
    • Server hostname can be up to 63 characters in length rather than 30.
  • Rcon
    • travelscenario command should now work without having to put the full path to the scenario asset.

Visual Improvements

  • Animations
    • Added new Main Menu idle animations.
    • Added new Loadout menu animations.

AI Improvements

  • Reduced bot respawn pool from 100% to 60-80% of the total player count.
  • Fixed an issue where AI vehicle insertion drivers were invisible during Checkpoint.
  • Fixed bots always trying to utilize vehicle turrets and ignoring any AI deaths while doing so.

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur on map change.
  • Fixed a crash with Rcon when sending a multipacket response.
  • Fixed a crash caused by color bindings.

Bug Fixes

  • VoIP

    • Fixed an issue with VoIP when playing on matchmaking servers.
  • UI

    • Fixed an issue with the HUD chat element not automatically focusing input from the keyboard without having to be clicked on first.
    • Fixed a bug preventing the admin menu from being accessible in local play.
    • Fixed an issue where if you were a spectator while in the Loadout menu and you clicked confirm, it would not put you back into the spectating state.
    • Fixed an issue where chosen colour presets would not be saved between sessions.
  • Characters

    • Fixed an issue with arm textures forcing them to be discolored under certain lighting.
    • Player ragdolls are no longer invisible when killed inside a vehicle.
    • Added mipmaps and streaming settings to certain character textures.
  • Weapons

    • Fixed an issue where incorrect equip times were being used. This led to items such as grenades not being throwable as soon as they should be.
    • Fixed an issue for ammunition not showing for grenade launchers.
    • Fixed an issue where grenades were missing animations when inside a restricted area.
    • Fixed an issue with the AKM and SVD world models having some missing geometry.
    • Fixed and issue where the Molotov lighter was not showing and the special idle animations were not getting interrupted.
  • Fire Support

    • Fixed an issue with Bomber Drones floating through walls.
  • Cosmetics

    • Fixed an issue where the Covered hair cosmetic was the only female hair option shown when previewing.

Map Balance & Fixes

  • Refinery

    • Fixed an issue with the playable area on Checkpoint, Push and Skirmish.
    • Fixed painted foliage and rocks from popping into view.
    • Added more HLODs.
    • Increased culling distance slightly.
    • Fixed light casting issues on certain meshes and terrain.
    • Added more protection from rockets shot over long distances in Skirmish.
    • Expanded the D capture zone to both floors in Skirmish.
    • Included the balcony at C capture zone in Push Security.
    • Removed broken manhole mesh.
    • Rebuilt navigation.
  • Farmhouse

    • Potential fix for players spawning on top of each other in Firefight East.

Known Issues

  • The weapon ready animation when spawning in doesn't finish playing.
  • Magazine will disappear on a weapon in first person view when you switch to an under barrel grenade launcher.
  • Gas Masks don't show on characters who have equipped them.
  • If using super-sampling zoom scopes will be rendered black
  • When a player is ejected from a vehicle after being killed, their ragdoll will disappear.
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The original game ran ok for me, now its unplayable.

Ryzen 3 1300 OC
RX580 8gb
8gb ram 2600

Before patch
50-60 FPS high settings, low scope
smooth game play, just low fps

After patch
80-90 FPS med settings. low scope
micro stutters every time I get near a BOT and about every 20-30 secs.

The game is unplayable for me, it's jittery as hell and the fps spikes can cause the game to freeze and jump forward so I die without being able to do anything, i've tried low medium and high but none of the settings fix it.

Just wanted to say the latest update is amazing. It fixed so many of the issues I had with the product, both technologically and game play wise. My FPS has doubled, my load times are three times as fast, and the AI is actually challenging now. Prior to this update I wasn't sure how I felt about the game, but I've just gone out and bought a few copies for my friends to play with me. Keep it up.

Before patch i could play the game happily at at 60FPS.
Now im stuck with horrible stutters and frame drops.
Using a Mid-High gaming PC. This game was already in need of optimisation, god help you now

I'm missing any option to clear, or delete, my saved loadouts.