Update optimization worse? Or just me?

As we all were, I was excited for the new update, and rightly so, it improved the game in many aspects. However, im not sure if it's just me but after the update my game performance has gone down drastically, from high settings at 60 fps, to 20, having to play at low settings, to get 60 fps. I was hoping this update would improve game performance. I'm sure this issue will be resolved eventually. Anyone else experiencing frame issues since?

Thanks to anyone who read.

Performance is bad for me either..
Framedops between 104 - 50 fps.. horrible for shooter games.

Hmm, i seem to be having a weird issue where one day ill load up the game, and im getting reasonably stable 70-80 FPS on custom high/very high settings, and then i ll load it up the next day or whatever, and ill be getting 30-70 really unstable FPS, thats constantly fluctuating like a madman. [This is all with exactly the same settings as well, at least according to the menus anyways.] I feel like im either going completely crazy or its some obscure issue, cause surely performance should not be changing like that without the game being updated or patched in someway, or me updating or altering something [which i haven't]?