I held off on giving any feedback because I got into the Beta pretty late and I'm sure everyone had already spotted all of the issues/bugs, however with this new update i would like to provide some feedback. I don't usually do this sort of thing but I've become very invested in this game and I hope the right people see this. My initial reaction to the update was awesome, the first thing that i noticed was the new character models. My character looks and feels a lot more human than before but he is standing there very awkwardly where his feet are slightly to the left but his body is facing forward. His arms are hanging down in a way they seem dead and yet his fists are clenched making him kind of look like a gorilla. This is an obvious improvement, but I hope to see more realistic player models yet. I jumped straight into Co-op and got to play on the "new" Map: Refinery. I understand this map had already seen some action in the Alpha stages of the game, so obviously the developers have had time to master it and I had no issues playing on it. This however gave me high hopes for the rest of the maps, where i was dissapointed to find that maps such as farmhouse were still lagging for me at certain times (The worst is at the start of the match.) I ran into bugs that had been there since the previous update, such as invisible guns, seeing my arm when I aim down the sights, etc. These bugs were still present but cleared up a lot faster than previous, which is a good sign, but still. Riding in on the truck i noticed team mates without any arms, team mates with black arms, team mates with their arms glitching up into the air like they were on a rollercoaster. The game is playable, far more playable than when i originally bought it, but far from perfect. The next day (Today) was a far worse experience. I've really only experienced Co-op as it seems to run a lot more smooth, however every single time I tried to join a match it would kick me out as soon as the game loaded. Again, I'm very understanding that a game takes a lot of time and a lot of trial and error, so i figured I may as well hop into some PvP. I am absolute trash when it comes to PvP on this game. This is because the few times i tried to play, every time someone shot at me, my game would just lag massively and i would be dead. I'm trash at PvP because i don't play it because in my opinion, It's unplayable in its current state. As i was running around i noticed more and more characters that had entirely missing upper torsos, heads, arms, etc. This has me very worried for the games release next month. I sure hope the developers can pull it off but for the love of god if the game isn't ready then don't release it. I, like many others would much rather wait for a finished, polished game than a rushed mess. My biggest issue is the difference between maps, how a map like refinery can run so smooth while farmhouse causes random massive lag spikes. I think this should be their biggest concern and I would hope to see all maps running smoothly before they try to fix anything else. I have faith in the developers because they listen to their fan base and seem to take their time with their craft. Here's hoping for the next update.