Steering Animation


Ok so ive got this steering wheel and its skinned but in mudrunner it rotates like this:
Any help?

on which axis? (x, y, z)

ok ive gotten to my last level with the editor... its been bullshitty garbage lately and im not sure why. i know that this error means that i have over the poly limit but there is literly nothing i can do about it... any help?0_1541852643901_verts.PNG

Rotate your wheel flat first. Then skin it and link it to your bone. Then rotate it back in to place using the bone to move the wheel.

@Spun ok so i did all of that and it turns this way

@riskywisky Did you transform and scale before you exported?

@Spun what do you mean by transform? reset the x-form? i did that and yes i did scale it

@riskywisky Never reset xform on anything that has a skin on it. In the hierarchy tab select your steering wheel after you have moved it back into position then and transform and scale it. If this doesn't help you im sorry.... it is way to hard to do this in text.