A10 Warthog rounds

Can I just say that the new update is pretty amazing. I've noticed a smoother gameplay and even better graphics. The bots got pretty damn hard, I only managed to win 1 round online out of 3, mostly because people are still rushing the objective unfortunately.

But anyway I do believe the A10 Warthog fire support needs to be a lot more powerful. There were multiple times I called air support on a multi-story house which was full of insurgents and yet after a perfect hit noone inside was dead.
Another great example of how useless this fire support is when I asked for it, I saw the rounds hit the ground in front of me where I was shooting at an insurgent, who should have died from splash damage, if not from a direct hit.
This is just a reminder that the A10 Warthog kills a tank with 1 single 30mm bullet, and it fires literally a shitton of it.

@sgt-kanyo Given how quickly it arrives after calling it in and how little time to react you get after hearing the easily-missable engine sound, it does not need a buff. It's already frustrating in the few instances when the A10 kills you seemingly randomly because you didn't hear the engines through all the gunfire.

That's the idea of the A10.
The rounds are faster than sound. You can't hear them. What you hear is bullet impact, than the infamous fart noise.

You guys need to realise war ain't pretty. For the A10 they literally designed a plane around an incredibly high powered gun.
Don't join Team Haji if you can't deal with it.

Also in this game the A10 can not aim, they just fire at a static position, so if they called in an airstrike and you moved 5 meters away, you'd be able to see fireworks near you, but only your morale would be hurt, nothing more.

yeah I agree the A10 should kill nerd camping imo. Its what the US military use it for in all lot of cases lol. I also feel like its HE should be more explodey imo

@sgt-kanyo I mean, IRL one strafing run of an A-10 would probably level a village (like in ArmA 3 in one of SovietWomble's videos; Cyanide strafed an outpost twice with an A-10 and killed 40+ enemies) but for game balance purposes that's not a good idea lmao.

Personally, though, I think Security should probably at least get another use of the A-10 run. I'm not exactly sure if buffing it would be a smart idea, but the Security already has extremely limited fire support to begin with, and the Grenade Drones basically have the effectiveness of the A-10 strafe now. Security can literally only call Fire Support that isn't Artillery four times, and the A-10 strafe, while good, isn't exactly broken or something.

I'd definitely say the Insurgent Fire Support options are more lucrative, currently. Atm literally every Security Fire Support call can basically be nullified if you're in a building.

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