Running animations need some improvement

So i noticed the running anims are looking a bit off, like stiff or something, i decided to play csgo and look at the anims there, they were much better, of course from a years polished game, but it helped me to know what feels wrong about sandstorm's, and its got to do a lot with the legs.

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

Looking at the legs and the way the torso is so stiff make the anims looks lifeless, but i see they are really doing some progress by how the main menu characters are posed now, i just wish the anims in game were like that, legs spread out, good posture and very natural movement.


@freedn Ya for me it’s from the side view when I watch someone run from a side angle their whole head and body like jitters it’s hard to explain but it’s really annoying doesn’t matter what I do to the settings either..

Oh i just also noticed, your character raises his lower legs too much when running.

I knew there was something off with the running haha