delicious Weapon Ready animations, will they return?

I know it says something about it in the known issues, but I just hope they return. In the beginning of co op missions while you're in the back of the truck the best part was loading up your primary and secondary and enjoying the delicious weapon ready animations. Same thing in versus mode, but I do think perhaps in versus mode it could only play during the beginning of the match while you cant move. Now that they are gone I realized how many weapons I did'nt get a chance to see the loading animations, and I cant wait to see them all. This to me is one of my favorite parts of the game, please bring them back!

For me, that's always been one of those neat novelties in this game... but it gets old. It just becomes a tedious "switch to all my weapons to make sure they're ready" thing. And when you consider how often attachments bug out on your weapons while switching quickly, I saw animation bugs almost every game.

I'd be okay with it only happening on the first spawn, or maybe an option to enable/disable this animation as the player sees fit, but one of the cardinal rules of game development is keep the player in control of their character. Anything that happens outside of their control leaves room for something bad to happen while the character is out of their control. That kills fun in a heartbeat.

@tedeski I agree with that, seeing them only in the beginning of a round would be enough for me. All those great animations would be a shame to waste them.

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They were removed because people were getting killed at respawn before their weapons were ready and they were defenseless.

I don't see a problem with keeping them in at the beginning of the match though, I kinda miss them there.

in the beginning of the round when no one can move in both sets of game modes, that would be fine with me.
you cant say the one for the glock isnt badass

@maa_bunny Ive thoroughly read the patch notes there is no mention of removing this feature. It does mention that they are not playing correctly in the known issues on the post on Steam

This whole issue seems like one of those things that could be easily fixed (make both sides happy) by simply allowing any mouse imput to instantly finish the animation.... Those who like the animation can still have it. Those who want to skip it can immediately use their weapons. Problem solved....

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