The "20k experience per level" is lame.

I find player levels to be uninteresting with the current system of a fixed 20,000 exp per level.

I would personally find it more interesting it if the experience required to level up increased with every level by a multiplication factor, like maybe 0.15. So eventually it would reach an insane number of experience points required to level up. This would make being a high level look more prestigious while feeling satisfying and meaningful for the player.

Obviously the current system is so you can gain cosmetic points per level up, and the above system would not work well with it.

@slazenger I'm not really against the idea of capping the XP at a fixed point per level, but the issue for me is that reaching a higher level doesn't give you better rewards. They're the same every level:

-> 100 Appearance Credits to spend.

-> One (AFAIK) random item that isn't a duplicate. No clue how rarity factors into this.

I wish once you got to the 20 XP per level grind you at least got more AC or rarer items.