Suddenly the game aborts on statup

I played the update 1 day and the performance is much better than before (but still needs some work). At least the game is playable for me now. But this evening I wanted to play and now the game crashes on the "Focus-Loadscreen". Reinstalling the game does not fix it......

What to do?

I have found the solution:

If you start the game in window mode via start options in steam, then you get access to the game again! But it still crashes when you change to fullscreen ingame......

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Are you using any custom config file such as "Engine.ini" ? Is your monitor a TV ?

Standard 144 Hz PC-Monitor and no custom files.

Could you let it crash, type there your SteamID64 (or link to your steam profile), type there what happened (just briefly), send the crash and post the same thing here so it can be searched for.