Loadout points & Official server request.

1.Load Out Points
Can you make every point cost to higher (multiple it by 10) eg; a 4 point rifle now costs 40 and a smoke cost 10. also multiply our load-out points by 10.
I think the current system is too hard to cost balance. If the most expensive rifle is 5 and the cheapest is 3 then you can only balance the rifles into 3 groups.
if its 50 and 30 then you have many balancing options.
The only reason not to do this would be because it makes the load outs more confusing.
My idea to help with that is to have the load-out menu buttons that have "purchasable" items under neath them to be slightly highlighted. When people start getting low on points and don't know what to add it shows whats still available. This helps speed up the process of customizing your load-out too.

  1. Official Servers
    Add official servers to in-game browser.
    There's no way to tell how many people are on official servers and what maps they're playing etc.

@reeceaus I doubt this would be added, realistically. Currently, weapons are balanced by supply pretty well. Some primary weapons (bolt-actions, shotguns, and the SKS) cost two supply, as well. Adding in that many points just kinda gets ridiculous.

That being said, there was a total conversion mod for Insurgency: Standalone called Operator if I recall correctly that did something like this. You got like 60 supply points.

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If you increase everything by a factor of ten it all just stays the same ...

Or are you saying some items should have a changed value that isn't a divisible by ten?

@maa_bunny yes. It allows for some items and future items to be set at a different value.
look at csgo; most expensive item is $5,000 that's 0-5,000 possibilities to balance the cost. Insurgency has 1-5.
Maybe I'm on my own here, but to me it seems crazy.
Some operators/roles have 2x and 4x scopes both costing the same supply points.
Also, a compensator and foregrip sets you back 6 points, if you want to raise or lower that you cant do it as gradually with the current system. make it 30 each and then you can make it 25 or 27 etc etc...