Please bring back some form of weapon sway to all stances.

Insurgency 2 had a very realistic system of weapon sway where there was always some sort of sway even when prone, zoomed in and holding breath. In Sandstorm, even laying prone without the bipod on a sniper rifle gives no scope sway when zoomed in - effectively making the purchase of one less enticing. Even assault rifles when zoomed in during prone and holding breath eliminates all sway. I agree in having less sway when crouched and prone, but having zero when holding breath prone in AR's is a tad bit OP. It gives players laser accuracy at range. Reverting back to the all-sway system in Insurgency 2 would work much better IMO.

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@wookieesteak I'm glad idle sway is gone for crouching and prone. Bringing it back would add even more RNG to the game (unless you go for a sway pattern like COD4).