Player customization

Lets say you buy a helmet that's 800 points, but if you want to change the color. You have no other choice than to buy it again and its another 800. So it would be nice if you have already bought one helmet the other helmets would be little cheaper. And cmon please add some kind of rare spec ops black camo that would be expensive. Maybe more variations on pants and shirts.

Yeah that would be nice, +1

If there's ONE thing that World War 3 does right it's the extensive customization options & presentation available in that game, it's just fkn awesome and the player models look really bad-ass. I wish NWI would take a good look at that game and use it for inspiration to improve Sandstorm's limited customization options ... probably won't happen soon, maybe in a future update though (one can hope) and btw, WW3 is also using the UE4 engine.